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Hello BGMI Fans!

First of all we would like to thank you all as we turn
three. We couldn’t have done it without your love and support.
 Introducing amazing short game modes for your quick matches, play the menacing Mecha Fusion Theme Mode, and what’s more, WOW Mode has a vast array of maps for you and your squads entertainment. 

Dont have much time? No problem, we’ve got game modes for everyone now! 

Here’s what’s new in the latest 3.2 Update! 

The Mecha Fusion Theme Mode:  

·       Vehicles transform here. Yes, you heard it right. Take charge of an Arma Mech and cause infinite chaos with special vehicles that switch between a Speed Form for fast movement and a Magnetic Form for grabbing objects & enemies. Employ tactical mechs for heavy-duty attacks, complete with missile launches and separation capabilities.  

·       Steel Ark: Explore the massive Steel Ark, a space warship that appears mid-game. This warship houses a Summoning Platform, offers heavy loot, and features strategic areas like the Command Room where you can hack into the ship’s systems for a fun easter egg. Let’s try out your hacking skills on the Steel Ark. 

·       Assembly Base: Strategic points on the map, known as Assembly Base, contain Mech Repair Stations and treasure chest detectors. Enhance your mech, refuel, and uncover hidden items to gain an edge over your friends. 

·       Your Arma Mech can fly and turn into a portable vehicle also. Equip a jetpack to protect yourself and perform aerial stunts or utilize portable vehicles that enhance your mobility and come with self-rescue capabilities. 

Ranveer Singh Is back! 
Bring on the swag with Ranveer Singh in the lobby. It’s time to Play Pure with epic items, RS special voice pack and much more in the Ranveer Swag Crate! And if you think that’s all, we’ve got a surprise for you! Dropping special BGIS parachute, anniversary crate with 4 special suits, super cars and loads of gun upgrade crates. What’s more, there are more voice packs as BGMI KOLs make a comeback. Play your BGMI, in the voice of your hero.

RPA 7 - Virtual Edge! 

Don’t be Default with new RPA7 Virtual Edge. Step into the futuristic feels with RPA7 Virtual Edge. Gear up and dominate the Battlegrounds with exclusive new skins and state-of-the-art weapon skins in this latest Royale Pass season. From the sleek Mecha Spirit Skins to the upgradable Nightscape Gladiator - PP-19 Bizon, every item is designed so that you don't become default. Rewards are better, bigger and more fun than before. 


Let’s Get Spinning: Eyes on Gold!  

We've got some amazing Gold Spin themes coming your way. Glide into the Battlegrounds with Quantum Storm, Lover’s Blessing and Reversed Neon in the latest 3.2 update. What’s the wait? Drop into BGMI and just #SpinKar 



Updated WOW Mode with NEW EXCITING MAPS! 

Get ready for non-stop fun with the updated WOW Mode, with tons of new maps. Introducing new maps with playstyles that you can play as a squad or solo, including robots, demolition, and much more. Now you can bring your own robot into WOW mode. Embrace the excitement and let the adventure begin! 

If you’ve still got some doubts, check out our latest Update Podcast for all the details

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