Patch Notes 2.8 Update





The long-awaited 2.8 Update is finally here, and we can’t wait to share all the cool stuff we have planned in store for you! 


And, yes, we remember your excitement and immense love shared on 2.7 Update and we're sure you'll find the world of Zombie’s Edge coming your way to be exciting and a great way to have fun with your squad!  Have a read, or if you’re in a hurry why not hop onto our YouTube channel to check out our video which explains all the cool stuff in this update?

Get ready to survive the undead onslaught in BGMI's thrilling new Zombie Mode!



[New theme Mode Alert!]


It's not the end of the world - it's just the beginning. Zombie’s Edge is here! Beware of the hordes of zombies roaming the battlegrounds and the terrifying elite monsters that lurk in the destroyed lab. Defeat them and get power-ups with which you can unlock new skills and weapons and reign over the battlegrounds!


Nusa is an all-new tropical map that will require you to rework your rushes and calls all over again. A map with overflowing supplies, so that you don’t run out. With elevators, huts on fire, tactical crossbows, and ziplines, it's madness out there.


Wait, there’s more.


[New Royale Pass A2]


A cherry on top: presenting the all-new Beach and Pool party-themed Royale Pass A2, power-packed with amazing rewards for you to claim. Start the RP adventure by obtaining the truly customizable Serene Rapture Set (Lv.1), upgradable Marine Evolution - UMP45 (Lv. 1), Blissful Beachfront Finish and a lot more. You  can obtain these by completing the RP missions to reach the corresponding level. Don’t be default and experience the RPA magic now.


In Classic Updates –We have a Crossbow that has a new tactical accessory: A gunpowder-loaded crossbow, which has delayed explosion when it hits an object. AUG and FAMAS got adjusted attributes, and in arena mode, you can now use Honey Badger and ACE32 guns.


So, what are you waiting for? Check out more details in the video now


Do stay tuned and follow us on our official pages for all the latest updates especially when we roll out contest, events and latest updates! 

Call your friends and jump in! See you on the BATTLEGROUNDS! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!




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