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The long-awaited July Update is finally here, and we can’t wait to share all the cool stuff we have planned in store for you! 

And, yes, we remember your excitement and immense love shared on 2.0 Update and we're sure you'll find the world of Ancient Secret: Arise coming your way to be exciting and a great way to have fun with your squad!  Have a read, or if you’re in a hurry why not hop onto our YouTube channel to check out our video which explains all the cool stuff in this update?


From the Ancient Secret Mode to the new Lynx AMR, we have a major update in July.

<Update Rewards>

To all players updating to the new version (2.1.0), we are providing Monument Tour Theme and Ancient Secret: Arise!

Don't miss out on the theme and BGMI update rewards!


<Theme Mode: Ancient Secret : Arise>

The Ancient Secret Mode is coming to BGMI. You can meet the great being from the starting island!

You can play the Ancient Secret: Arise by clicking the arrow button at the bottom right in Erangel, Miramar and Livik map under 'ranking' tab.


<Ancient Secret: Arise - Scarab and Jackal Ruins>

Ancient ruins appear in Erangel. (The number of ruins in Miramar and Livik is relatively smaller than Erangel.) Each ruin has its own secret and you can check the location of these ruins from the map. The ruins are protected by mummy guards and flying monsters. By defeating them, you can get the items dropped by the monsters. The ruins also contain interactive structures or entities. In the jackal ruins, you can get a treasure box by solving the puzzle. In the scarab ruins, you can catch the scarab beetles for item drops. Discover the ruins with your friends and get various items!


<Ancient Secret: Arise - Sandstorm City>

A sandstorm zone will appear in a random city in the map. You can find abundant supplies, including the scarab charm that lets you revive on your own. You can possess only 1 scarab charm and it will be deactivated once the item is used to summon the recall tower. By using this item, you can parachute again from the airplane just like the recall tower.

<Ancient Secret: Arise - Emperor Temple>

The emperor temple can be located in two areas in the map. The pyramid will disappear after some time the game has started and the emperor temple will appear. A giant statue will carry the temple along the defined path. You can enter the emperor temple through a structure that appears along the path. You can go back to the battleground by clicking on the button that appears when you go to the edge of the temple. There are various structures inside the emperor temple. Once you activate all the slates inside the temple, the BOSS monster will appear. The BOSS monster will drop great items but they are difficult to defeat. So, don't forget to bring your teammates.


<Classic Update: New Weapon Lynx AMR>

The new weapon, Lynx AMR, is added to the supply crate. Lynx AMR is a powerful SR that has faster shooting speed than existing SRs. With its great bullet speed and powerful damage a level 3 helmet can be destroyed at a single shot. However, you need to be mindful of the ammo, since Lynx AMR uses exclusive ammo just like AWM. Run for the supply crate and get the new Lynx AMR!

<Classic Update: Immediate Death from Explosion Improvement>

Don't we all have that experience of immediate death from car explosion while playing the classic map? Now, you will be knocked out but not dead even if the car explodes while you are in it. What a relief!

<Classic Update: SMG/AR Weapon Balance>

There are major updates on weapon balance. Try out with your friends and let us know what you liked! 

Let's begin with the SMG balance adjustment. 
The diminishing speed of the damage is reduced for UZI and Vector. You can now deal greater damages to enemies in long-distance. For UMP45, the burst area is reduced while ADSing and the laser sight effect is slightly reduced. The basic damage dealt by Tommy Gun and its bullet speed will be slightly increased. Finally, PP-19 Bizon's shooting speed is slight increased. 

Next is AR balance adjustment. 
For AKM, stronger assisted aim effect is applied, making it easier to hit the target in short-distance. For SCAR-L, the gun recoil is reduced in burst mode, and bullet speed and long-distance damage are increased.

<Mode Reopen: Metro Royale>

The new season of Metro Royale Mode begins in July 14. You can also try the new supply crate weapon, Lynx AMR, in the Metro Royale Mode!

<Other: Training Mode - Sound Play Training>

If you are one of those players who are confused about the sound, pay attention. A training area dedicated for sound play is added to the training mode. You can get your training by entering the training mode. You can hear the sounds during combat repetitively, allowing you to hone your sound play skill.

<Other: Control System Improvement>

There are some quality of life improvements in game control system. First, the markers or path left by a party member who left the game will now be removed automatically. Second, there will be a sign appearing if the last member in the squad dies. Third, the settings icon trigger system is improved. Now there is smaller chance of pressing the icon by mistake and end up covering the screen. Fourth, if your backpack is opened during throwing position, the item will not be thrown. You can check out other improvements from the patch note in the official website.

<Other: Playground Improvement>

For those who enjoy the playground mode, there is a few improvements on the playground. First, new shooting ranges including a mid-range shooting range and a sniper shooting range are added. Second, you can try on a new set by opening treasure crates. By unlocking missions, you can try rare sets from the playground. Third, directional signs are added to the island. You can now easily find the place you want to go. Fourth, some terrains were removed to allow comfortable driving within the playground. Fifth, the playground menu now uses floating UI allowing you to move the menu to the location you want on the screen.

<Other: Season C3S7>

The new season begins. Let's have a party in this season too. This is the end of today's update preview. Leave lots of comments!

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