Notice Lamborghini Lucky Spin and Hidden Lamborghini Vehicle Skins




We are excited to bring you the Lamborghini Lucky Spin - Speed Drift.

The in-game event started on March 25, 07:30.

You will also get a chance to win hidden Lamborghini vehicle skins through the Lucky Spin - Speed Drift.

To learn more about how you can get them, please check the details below:

[About Lamborghini Lucky Spin - Speed Drift and How to Get the Hidden Skins]

- There are 6 Lamborghini vehicle skins you can win through Lamborghini Lucky Spin.

- The Lucky Medal you get from the spin can be exchanged with Lamborghini vehicle skins from the Event Shop.

- If you collect all 6 Lamborghini skins, the first secret exchange page where you can get the hidden Lamborghini vehicle skin will open.

- The first hidden Lamborghini skin can be claimed immediately once the secret exchange page opens.

- Once you claim the first hidden Lamborghini skin, the second secret page can be opened.

- You can enter the second secret page by clicking the button on the top left corner of the Event Shop.

- The second hidden Lamborghini vehicle skin can be exchanged using 3 Lucky Medals.

[How to Get 'Lucky Medal']

- You can get the 'Lucky Medal' at a certain probability by spinning the Lucky Spin.

- One 'Lucky Medal' can be claimed on  your first 10,000UC/25,000UC/35,000UC/50,000UC expenditure.

 * e.g.) If you use 10,000UC, 1 Lucky Medal is given. If you use 25,000UC,1 Lucky Medal is given.

 * UC spent on both Lamborghini Lucky Spin - Speed Drift and in-game will be counted. The Lucky Medal can be claimed from the event center.


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