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Dear BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA fans,  The long-awaited Holi Dhamaka 1.9.0 Update is finally here, and we can’t wait to share all the cool stuff we have planned in store for you!  

And, yes, we remember your excitement and immense love shared on Spider-Man: No Way Home Theme Mode, Santorini, Jujutsu Kaisen and we’re sure you’ll find the world of Holi Dhamaka coming your way to be exciting and a great way to have fun with your squad in the Battlegrounds!  

Have a read, or if you’re in a hurry why not hop onto our YouTube channel to check out our video which explains all the cool stuff in this update?  
Land on the Spawn Island for bountiful loots. Show strategy, courage, teamwork, and composure to earn your victory! The playground has gone through a major overhaul! Check out the new shooting range, racing course, and other various facilities. 

We’ve got a small package awaiting you post the update! Once you update to the new version, you’ll be getting Wild Ambition set (7 days coupon)!! Hurry up, and update now!  

Let’s dive into the latest updates and find out the exciting things. Shall we? 


<Theme Mode : Holi Dhamaka> 

New Starting Island and Sky Island are coming to Erangel after the 1.9.0 update. 

Experience the awesome Starting Islands! You can play the Holi Dhamaka Theme Mode by tapping the arrow button on the right bottom of Erangel and Livik under the “Ranked” tab. 


<Holi Dhamaka : Sky Island> 

Sky Island will appear in Erangel and Livik. While parachuting from the plane two sky islands will appear, and they have different terrain features. One of them has a pyramid reminiscent of Egypt, and the other has a winter-themed ice castle. 

Once you land on a Sky Island, your character’s face will turn into a cute circle. You can loot the coins on Sky Island and use them once you land on the ground. Sky Islands are closed once the time on the right elapses, and players on the Sky Islands fall to the ground. Of course, you also fall to the ground when you are defeated by an enemy. 

On Sky Island, your character’s head grows bigger when hit by the enemy. On being defeated, your character’s head inflates to the maximum thereby floating up into the air. Teammates can save the floating player by shooting at the player. If teammates fail to save the floating player for too long, the player is finished and falls to the ground. 

Fear not, you may also jump off the Sky Island to return to the ground. 

Once you land on a Sky Island, your character’s face will turn into a cute circle of a certain color. There are four sectors in each Sky Island, and Hex Shop coins of different colors appear in each sector. If you loot the coins with the same color as your character’s face, you can collect coins faster. You can change your character’s face color with transformation devices around the Sky Island. With an accurate timing, you may also choose the color you want. You can use coins you find on the Sky Island once you land onto the ground. 


<Holi Dhamaka : Vibrant Plaza/Camp> 

Rainbow Plaza and Camp will appear around Erangel. New terrains, as well as new interactable entities, will appear in these zones.  If you interact with those entities, crates will appear. Please note that the Army Base where you can scan locations of spawned vehicles is marked in the mini-map. 


<Holi Dhamaka : Bicycle> 

At Rainbow Square and Camp, a new vehicle is featured, the bicycle. Because it is faster than sprinting and allows you to jump higher, you can use it tactically. However, you may become vulnerable to an enemy attack because you cannot use your weapons while riding a bicycle. The eco-friendly bicycle in the game does not require any fuel or battery. Get ready to use a portable mountain bike that can go inside the backpack and be used anytime by taking it out from the backpack. It also does not make any noise while running on the road and cannot be destroyed. 


<New : Playground update > 

New Playground will be featured in BGMI. As the Playground has become wider, platforms are placed around the map for mobility. Using these platforms, you can move around faster. 


<Playground Improvement : Shooting Range> 

An indoor Shooting Range where you can practice shooting has been added to the Playground. You can choose the firearm you want and practice your shooting. Also, improvements were made on aspects that may hinder shooting practices. 

<Playground Improvement : New Racing Minigame> 

A racing track has been added to the Playground. You may enjoy racing competitions with your friends, or practice driving alone on the tracks. 


<Classic Update : Erangel Improvement> 

Revision of Sosnovka Bridge in Erangel is coming! Experience the new Sosnovka Bridge with new detours! The new spots for camping with your squads are here and you’ve got to take advantage over your enemies! The bridge connecting the military base now has a wider road and improved bunker with new pedestrian walkways added to offer more strategic combat options. 


<Classic Update : Random Matching> 

Random mode is added to both ranked matching and unranked matching. It is a feature to select the desired map and play with random matching, and this feature is selectable in both ranked matching and unranked matching. 


<Classic Update : Arena Mode Audio Improvement> 

Audio quality is improved to let players know better the direction of footsteps and gunfire in Arena Mode. 


<Classic Update : Livik: Aftermath Improvement> 

The 'Livik: Aftermath' map, which you can play in the Unranked tab is improved. Indoor building structures are also simplified, and some urban zones are modified to give the look & feel of a ruined city Zipline animation is improved to look more natural, and an AC core is basically attached when a firearm is looted. 

Do stay tuned and follow us on our official pages for all the latest updates especially when we roll out contest, events and latest updates!  

Call your friends and jump in! See you on the BATTLEGROUNDS, India! 


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