Notice [Ep.2] We Heard You




We are back with another edition of “We Heard You” where we address your feedback and suggestions!


First things first, we are extremely glad to hear your thoughts and suggestions, and we are continuously working to address them in whatever ways possible while working on the fabulous updates we bring to you regularly! Do note, while we evaluate your thoughts, it takes time to check feasibility and applicability of your requested features, so sometimes it might take us some time before we can get back to you!

Secondly, only a few things have been successfully addressed at this point in time, and we have covered only that. As and when we are able to get into a position to address more stuff, we will promptly get back to you!

Thank you, and let us get started!

Q. I'd like to know about redeem code release.

A. We are aware that many fans are waiting for the redeem code release as the menu has opened up on the official website. We are reviewing internally about holding redeem code events and will inform you if and once it is confirmed.


Q. I want 90 FPS to be added in my device too.

A. Currently 90 FPS function is supported for a lot of devices, after a tremendous amount of effort. In order to ensure a smooth and fun gaming experience, we're conducting detailed technical reviews such as optimization tests for each and every possible device. With that in mind, please note we will continuously keep expanding the universe of devices which can support 90 FPS.


Q. Please add Bonus Challenge!

A. We are aware that so many of you are waiting patiently for the Bonus Challenge also in BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA. Rest assured, we are currently reviewing about this internally, and we will further inform you if it can be rolled out.


Q. Id like to play BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA in emulator version.

A. Unfortunately, emulator versions make it easier to modify game files and partake in illegal activities such as use of cheats, mods or any other application which can give an unfair advantage. So currently, we are not keen on rolling out the emulator version.

If there is any change with respect to the support of emulator version, we will further inform you through our website and social channels..


Q. I want a new character voucher event.

A. We are reviewing about this internally, and we will further inform you upon release.

We'd like to ask once again for your understading about answering to only some of the many questions you may have for BATTLEGROUNDS, as only stuff which has been confirmed at the moment has been addressed.. Please keep sharing your ideas through social channels or through customer service.

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA team is always open to feedback, and we thank you for helping us make the game better.




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