Notice Announcement Regarding the Ultimate Showdown Event




Due to patch content adjustments, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will take down the ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN event on January 27th at 16:00PM. Players who still want to redeem for exclusive items from the Ultimate Showdown event - please proceed to redeem them as soon as possible.


Q: After the event goes down, can I still redeem items from the event?

A: After the event is taken offline, players will not be able to redeem exclusive items related to the Ultimate Showdown event. The event will be taken down on January 27th at 16:00PM, so if you still wish to redeem the event items, please do so as soon as possible!

Q: What do I have to do with the leftover event tokens from the ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN event draw?

A: Thank you for your participation in the event. We have launched an exchange event in Event Center, and Players can proceed to exchange Ultimate Showdown tokens for other available event tokens such as the Avalanche X-Suit or Lucky Spin, as well as Classic Crate Scrapes. The exchange ratio will all be 1:1. The deadline for exchanging currencies will be the same as the original end date of the event – 02/17/2022. Please pay attention to the redemption date.


Q: What will happen to the remaining unused vouchers?

A: You can exchange those for 30/40/50 Vouchers in Event Center with a ratio of 1:1.

We are sorry for the inconveniences, and thank you for your continuous understanding and support to BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA!




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