Patch Notes 1.8.0 January Update - Patch Notes





The long-awaited 1.8.0 Update is finally here, and we can’t wait to share all the cool stuff we have planned in store for you! 


And, yes, we remember your excitement and immense love shared on Mirror World mode, and we’re sure you’ll find the world of Spider-Man: No Way Home Theme Mode and Aftermath coming your way to be exciting and a great way to have fun with your squad in the Battlegrounds! 


Have a read, or if you’re in a hurry why not hop onto our YouTube channel to check out our video which explains all the cool stuff in this update? 

We’ve got a small package awaiting you post the update! Once you update to the new version, you’ll be getting 2 Classic Crate Coupons! Hurry up, and update now! 

Let’s dive into the latest updates and find out the exciting things. Shall we? 

<Classic Update : Separated Matching > 
After the January Update, ranked matching and normal matching are separated. If you drop into ranked matchmaking, the season tier point is reflected as before, and if you play in normal matchmaking, season tier point is not affected. That’s fair, right? 
We’ve made some changes to the UI so that all of you can pick the desired match easily!

<Theme Mode : Livik: Aftermath> 

Livik simply cannot catch a break right now. A volcanic eruption which has resulted in the melting of all the snow and you know how this pans out – dust bowls, hostile terrain and the likes. Even the buildings have collapsed. It’s just not the same anymore. Livik: Aftermath can be played only in the normal matching, luckily that does not affect your season tier points. 

<Livik: Aftermath : Firearm and Scope> 
In this mode, every firearm basically has scopes mounted on them. Recoils of every firearm is largely reduced, so you can easily knock enemies with automatic fire. Something really cool is if you hit the enemy with your ADS open, you'll be able to see the distance to the enemy, as well as the accumulated dealt damage for a short period. Try the scoped full-automatic fire in Livik: Aftermath! 

<Livik: Aftermath : New Features > 
Ziplines appear across Livik: Aftermath! Use ziplines for fast movement across the map. Also, you can find the Communication Tower in post-apocalyptic Livik that allows you to revive fallen teammates. 

You can also deploy a large riot shield for tactical play. Of course, riot shields can be destroyed by gunfire, so keep those extra shields on standby. 

<Classic Update : New Systems> 
New systems are applied to some ranked matching and normal matching. (Indication of modes in which the matching is allowed on the subtitle) First, supply stores appear across the map, and you can exchange looted coins with diverse items there. 

Please note that there is an indicator that shows the next supply crate location. 

Also, revive objects where you can summon back defeated teammates will appear across the map. Remember, you must retrieve ID cards from the boxes of the defeated teammates to revive them! 

<Classic Update : Firearm Rebalancing> 
Various firearms have been rebalanced for better performance. MG3’s recoil has become 10% more intense, and the base fire rate is adjusted to 660RPM. 

The recoil of the M16A4 and MK47 has become 10% weaker, and the tracer effect is added to the fired bullets. 

<Classic Update : Firearm Mechanism Adjustment> 
Two major fire mechanism adjustment issues have been fixed, firstly the firing direction and aim which varied by display resolution when the scope was not used has been fixed, 
secondly, the bullet spread which slightly varied by display resolution when the scope was not used has been fixed. 


<Classic Update : In-Water Knock-Out > 
Now, the player is not finished even when knocked out in the water but is rather left in a swimmable state. 

<Classic Update : Place Name and Automatic Parachuting> 
In-map place name is displayed in three dimensions, and the auto-jump with ping becomes available. 

<Classic Update : Automatic Marking> 
Automatic marking which was possible only with tactical marking device item has been added. Because hit enemies are automatically marked, players playing in the squad will be able to find an enemy's location more easily. 

<Other : Merit Level and Reporting Cheaters> 
Penalty on merit level deduction from malicious behaviors such as team finish or offensive chat is reinforced. Deducted merit level can be restored based on the gameplay time and contribution during the game, and rewards will be provided to players maintaining a high merit level. The receipt and result of reporting cheaters have been improved to deliver more details to the players. 


Do stay tuned and follow us on our official pages for all the latest updates especially when we roll out contest, events and latest updates! 


See you on the BATTLEGROUNDS, India! 



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