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The long-awaited 1.7.0 November Update is finally here, and we can’t wait to share all the cool stuff we have planned in store for you!  

And, yes, we remember your excitement and immense love shared on Flora Menace mode, and we’re sure you’ll find the world of League of Legends coming your way to be exciting and a great way to have fun with your squad in the Battlegrounds!

Have a read, or if you’re in a hurry why not hop onto our YouTube channel to check out our video which explains all the cool stuff in this update? 

We’ve got a small package awaiting you post the update! Once you update to the new version (1.7.0), you’ll be getting 2 Classic Crate Coupons! Hurry up, and update now!

Let’s dive into the latest updates and find out the exciting things. Shall we?

Theme Mode: Mirror World

The League of Legends animation, Arcane, is coming to Battlegrounds Mobile India! You can enter the new Theme Mode: Mirror World, by checking the Mode checkbox.


Mirror World: New Area - Mirror Island

The Mirror Island will be appearing only in the Mirror World mode in Erangel! Before the Mirror Island appears, you can jump from the airship and move around, and loot items just like when you are on the ground. Even if you are defeated in the Mirror Island, you can return to the ground with the items you have found.


Mirror World: Wind Barrier

Once a round begins, an area marked with ‘?’ appears. This area becomes the Mirror Island after a certain time, and the Wind Barrier appears around the area. With this Wind Barrier, you can enter either ‘Piltover Mirror Island’ or ‘Zaun Mirror Island’, which are the backgrounds of Arcane.


Mirror World: Character Transformation

When you enter the Mirror Island, your character will become one of Vi, Jinx, Jayce or Caitlyn.

Each character uses different weapons and has unique skills. If you do not like your character, you can change your transformation with the Transform Device on Mirror Island, so find your favorite character!

Avoid Arcane monsters and loot Hextech Chests across Mirror Island! After a certain time, the Mirror Island is closed and every player on the island drops to the ground. You can return to the ground earlier by being defeated on Mirror Island or finishing the exploration yourself.


Mirror World: Hextech Crystal


You can find Hextech Crystals across Erangel. Gather Hextech Crystals and press the Hextech Crystal icon below the mini-map on the right to enter the ‘Dynahex Supply Shop' where you can purchase diverse items for the battle. You can exchange them with new items that includes the Stimulant Pack, Tactical Landing Pack, and more. which you can use tactically.


Mirror World: Arcane Monster


Monsters related to Arcane will appear across Erangel, including Mirror Island. You can check their location through the map, and those areas consist of new structures. Defeat the monsters in the area to get better items and more Hextech Crystals.


We’ve also packed in a bunch of classic updates that will up your game! Read on to find out more about them.

Classic Update: Piggyback

Another exciting update is that you can now give a piggyback to a knocked-out teammate or enemy. While giving a piggyback, your movement speed is reduced, and you cannot use weapons. Of course, you cannot ride a vehicle, too. The health-reducing speed of the player riding on your back is slightly reduced.


Classic Update: Elimination/Knocked Out Notification Icon Added

Elimination/Knocked Out notification icon has been added to indicate the finished enemy.


Classic Update: Survivor Number Notification

The survivor number indicator will be stressed out once you enter the Top 10, and the survivor number notification for each play zone is added.


Classic Update: Death Cam

Unlike the past versions, you can watch the Death Cam even when any of your teammates are still alive.


Classic Update: Smoke Grenade Effect Added

The smoke effect for the thrown smoke grenade in the air is added.

If you hold a smoke grenade in your hand long enough before throwing it, the thrown smoke grenade will draw an arc with a new smoke effect.


Classic Update: Grenade Indicator

When a grenade explodes around the player, the location of the grenade is indicated.


Classic Update: Jump Button & Setting

When the character is in front of an object that can climb, the jump button is displayed as a climb button


New Mode: Vs AI - 'Hard' Level

The option to choose the 'HARD' level in the AI battle has been added. Experience a stronger battle against the AIs!


New Mode: React Survival Mode

Here's another mode that you'll definitely like! The challenge is to hurry up and reach the STOP line to avoid being caught by the tagger!

Please note that you can only play this mode with customized room cards.


Other: Proficiency System


A Proficiency system to show your skill with a few more details has been added! You can see your Proficiency by pressing the lower right at the Social Lobby screen.


With a little improvement from the achievement system, you can check data of three categories, weapons, maps, and vehicles. Proficiency levels are indicated with one of the gold/silver/bronze medals, and you can check the statistics since the C1S1 season.


Popular modes that are loved by many players will return for a while. Play these beloved modes for a limited time with your squad and have fun in the Battlegrounds!


Do stay tuned and follow us on our official pages for all the latest updates especially when we roll out India specific events!


See you on the Battlegrounds, India! 












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