Countermeasures against new types of illegal programs





Measures will be taken as new types of illegal programs and activities have been identified recently.


Please note that countermeasures will be taken in the following manner.


BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will continue to take strong sanctions to eradicate the use of illegal programs in order to provide a pleasant gaming environment to all the fans who play in normal way.


* If the warning message pops up even if you have not used an illegal program, data that is judged to be an illegal program (data falsification, etc.) may have been detected through installing other apps without being aware of it. But do not be concerned too much, and please proceed with the Routine Repair in the login screen to convert the data back to normal.


* If you install the app from other than the official markets, (Google Playstore, Apple App Store) you may install an abnormal app that has falsified some data. In such case without your intention, measures like account ban could be taken, so please install and play the game through the official markets.


[Warning Message Pop-up]

1. Exposed to

 - If the installed app is downloaded from an unofficial channel

 - If you have installed illegal programs or untrusted auxiliary programs on your device

 - If you are using a rooted or jailbroken device

 - If you use another player's account

 - When abnormal data is detected

2. Exposed during

 - September 15 (Wed) 14:30PM ~ until further notice

3. Details of Routine Repair function

 - If the warning message pops up, follow the instructions below, and the account's abnormal data will be replaced with normal data.

  > Tap on the arrow at the bottom right corner of the lobby > SETTINGS > Basic > Tap Log Out at the bottom left corner > Tap Repair in the login screen > Check Routine Repair and OK

 - After data is normalized through the Routine Repair, you could login again and play the game as usual.

 - However, if you do not proceed with the Routine Repair, the security system will detect the abnormal data in your device and logins will not be possible.

Thank you,



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