Event [EVENT] Get Ready To Jump



Get Ready To Jump Community Event 
We are now ready for the first social challenge of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA. 

We’d want to check out the unique strategies you use in the Battlegrounds. For this community event of Get Ready to Jump, we want to see how you are using these tactics right while jumping into the Battlegrounds!  

Jumping into the Battlegrounds is all about choosing the right location, spotting the perfect landing spot and much more! This is a chance to showcase your unique skills and win official merchandise of your favourite Battle Royale game!  

 Participate Now!



Capture your favourite moment of jumping into the Battlegrounds and gliding to your destination. 

Share the captured content on your social media platforms (Ensure your profile is PUBLIC for Instagram) by following the below parameters. 

- Tag any one of our official channels 
IG: @battlegroundsmobilein_official 
FB: @Battlegrounds Mobile India 


- Mention character UID No., so that we can contact you via in-game mail.  

- The video length should be under 1 minute.  

- The video submitted must be taken directly by the participant himself/herself. Krafton reserves the right to disqualify submissions on this basis.  


- July 20th, 2021, to July 30th, 2021, 23:59 Hours IST 


- The top 150 submissions will be rewarded based on uniqueness of the video content shared.  

- The Merchandize Box includes BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA branded t-shirt, cap, wrist band, bandana, slipper, mug, mobile ring, backpack and a metal badge! 


- The winners will be announced on our official social media channels within 30 days of the event's end date. Thereafter, they will be contacted via in-game mail for further communication and details. Details collected will be used to ship products/giveaways only.  

- The merchandise shown is indicative in nature and final product might differ from shown images.   

- The participant should submit only one entry. In case of multiple submission, we will consider the last one. We reserve the right to use the submitted content for our official channels. Participants cannot post on behalf of someone else, only self-postings will be accepted.  

- In case of any discrepancy KRAFTON reserves the right to replace, remove or disqualify any participant at our discretion. 

- There might be a slight delay because of existing COVID-19 restrictions as per state guidelines and we request your co-operation for the same.



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