Patch Notes [July Update] Patch Notes



JULY Update (1.5.0) PATCH NOTES


New weapon:  MG3

It uses the 7.62 ammo and magazine that can hold up to 75 bullets with each reload 

You can also choose between the 660 or 990 rpm modes for the MG3. 

The firepower is fast and continuous however, the reload time takes a little longer. 

The MG3 has a bipod that will automatically deploy when you lay prone, this helps improve stability and aim. 

Now that the MG3 has been added to airdrops, the M249 will be removed from airdrops and will spawn on the ground throughout the map in Classic Mode. The MG3 takes the place of the M249 in the supply crate.

Throwing Healing Consumables 

Now it's possible to ask team members far away to throw you the healing consumable!  

You can now use/replace items from the trajectory slot by dragging the medicine/throwing object to it. 

NEW Quick Wheel

You can also select the quick throw option from the settings, after it is set, you'll be able to see the throw icon on the screen.

Quick throw can be set in the settings. After opening the trajectory slot, slide the roulette,
and after a short time select the target throwing object, perform a quick throw

Season Improvements 


Added Silver Tier rewards. 

Added rewards for the Ace tier after subdividing the tier. 

Increased rewards for mini tiers. 

Cycle Rewards  

In the new version, multiple seasons are integrated into one cycle. 

If a player retains high tier in multiple seasons then the cycle rewards can be collected. 

Improved screen UI such as the badge system, season archives, etc. 

The Ace-tier Division 

Subdivided the Ace tier into specific tiers. 

Added rewards and share options for the subdivided tiers of the Ace tier.

Tier Icon Improvements 

The tier icon have been improved to optimize details and effects 

Tier level-up effect has been improved 

Challenge Point System 

The Challenge Point System maintains existing game score plus/minus rules while applying bonus scores based on user actions in-game. 

Challenge bonus points can be earned if a game is played without any malicious acts such as exiting game mid-way, neglect, or team finish. 

If the user challenge point exceeds the point bar, then the adjustment will be automatically triggered in the following match based on the player's tier. 

Please note that the achievable challenge point bar increases with each tier. 

Add bonus challenge points when completing the first game every day. 

Challenge points can no longer be accumulated after the maximum limit is achieved. 

The challenge points are calculated separately based on regions and modes. 

Challenge points cannot be transferred with season. 

New Mode: Mission Ignition

Automatic Drop

In the Mission Ignition Mode the names of the new-gen cities and existing cities are in 3D, this can be viewed while parachuting to the ground. 

You can also automatically drop to the area pinned in the map.  

Major areas

DynaHex has transformed six major areas of Erangel based on military defense, energy utilization, transportation and logistics, and cutting-edge scientific research. 

Transit Center (previously Pochinki) 

Pochinki is the core of Erangel's transport network, and has now become the transit center for the island. A new high-tech station and supporting transportation system will be located here. Travel on the city bus and use it as a form of mobile cover for an all new transportation experience. 

Port of Georgopol (previously Georgopol) 

The advantages of Georgopol as a logistics port will be further leveraged with the introduction of a brand-new central command center and fully-automated warehouse, giving rise to an efficient and advanced logistics port. 

Tech Center (previously the School) 

This former school area now places greater emphasis on academic research and cutting-edge exploration. The latest scientific research results and cutting-edge technologies will be on display here. In terms of gameplay, there are many paths and structures here, and various unpredictable opportunities for confrontations. 

Security Center (previously the Military Base) 

The Military Base is responsible for monitoring the security of the entire island and providing armed support. Island-wide monitoring and rapid response facilities are deployed here. 

Logistics Agency (previously Yasnaya Polyana) 

The Logistics Agency is located in Yasnaya Polyana and is an important distribution center for supplies coming into Erangel. The supplies transported from the port will be classified, checked, and distributed from here to throughout Erangel.  

Energy Center (previously Mylta Power) 

This organization provides energy to all of Erangel and combines conventional energy generation with cutting-edge technology to produce a stable supply for the island's civil and military buildings.

Mission Ignition: New Vehicles


It is a high-tech, levitational line for trans-island travel across the map. The HyperLines run on pre-set routes at specific times. Go board the train from the stations marked in the mini map! This way you can quickly navigate to the next station. 

G-38 Gravity Free Motorcycle

Whatever direction you look at it from it looks like the future! The G-38 Gravity Free Motorcycle that hovers above the ground There's a seating capacity for 2 people and it runs both on land and water. Get on the G-38 Gravity Free Motorcycle and explore the map to its full potential. 

Dynamic Elevator 

Added dynamic moving devices, such as lifts and automatic doors. 

Mission Ignition: New Weapons

New Gun ASM Abakan 

The ASM Abakan is the latest assault rifle that's been added to the Mission Ignition Mode! 
It uses the 5.56mm ammunition that fires up to 30 bullets with one reload. It supports fully automatic firing mode, burst mode, and the semi-automatic mode. 

The ASM Abakan features a very short firing interval and has very high accuracy level. Also, Scopes, Canted Sights, various gun attachments & magazines can be used as attachments.

Ergonomic Grip 

Grip attachments can greatly improve the handling of firearms, enhance vertical/horizontal recoil control, and accelerate recoil recovery. 

Muzzle Brake 

This muzzle attachment can effectively reduce bullet scattering and control recoil. 

Drum Magazine 

This magazine attachment can be equipped on all rifles and greatly increases magazine capacity at the cost of slightly longer reloading time. 
It supports fully automatic firing mode, burst mode, and the semi-automatic mode. 
The ASM Abakan features a very short firing interval and has very high accuracy level. 
Also, Scopes, Canted Sights, various gun attachments & magazines can be used as attachments. 

Mission Ignition: Others

Tactical Marking Device 

With the tactical marking device, you'll automatically be able to check the direction of teammate's firings, the location of the enemy and the street information, all of which is displayed in the mini map

It also sets an alert if a grenade is detected nearby. 

Riot Shield 

In the high-tech city, you can get hold of the Riot shield that cannot be penetrated by bullets. 

The shield is big and sturdy, don't forget to use it in an emergency

Once you set up the shield It's fixed and you won’t be able to move it elsewhere

So, you need to find the perfect location you'd want your shield at and tap on the button to set it up at that location! 

Mission Ignition: Tesla Super Factory

You'll now be able to find the TESLA super factory in the Erangel map. 

Tesla will build a super factory on the island to produce classic models and provide a more technologically advanced autonomous driving experience!  

After activating all the assembly lines in the factory, the factory will start the vehicle assembly process to produce a Tesla Vehicle-Model Y. 

Autonomous Driving Vehicle Model Y 

The autonomous driving vehicle produced by the Tesla factory can operate unmanned on the road and automatically reach the road mark point set by the user.

Mission Ignition: Semi-Truck

An autonomous driving transport vehicle developed by Tesla, that runs on set routes and comes with supplies. Attack and damage the Semi Trucks to obtain combat supplies. 

Improvement of settings

Firearm Sensitivity Settings 

Players can now customize the dedicated sensitivity of each firearm, which takes effect when using the corresponding firearm in-game. 

Third Person Perspective Camera View  

You can also adjust the settings to third-person camera (TPP) viewer option. It is set to 80 by default and can be increased up to 90.

Gyroscope reverse 

An additional setting has been added to the gyroscope, when activated the up and down effect of the gyroscope will be reversed.

Pick Up Gun Parts : Customized Firearm Settings
Players can now choose each part of the gun and customize freely. Once the customization is complete,
the gun parts are automatically picked-up in game and added to the gun.

Pick Up Gun Parts : 'Do not auto pick-up dropped scopes'

You can now find the 'Do not auto pick-up dropped scopes' in the settings. Once selected you will no longer be picking up the scopes you discarded. 

Other Updates

Basic Combat Enhancements: Other 

Do not auto pick-up while using consumables. 

The melee weapon picked up no longer replaces the main weapon by default. 
In-case you do not possess a frying pan, it automatically picked up by default.

If the current weapon runs out of ammunition while in-use, it is automatically replaced by the next available weapon. 

Flare guns which have no ammunition will not be automatically picked up. 

Improvement of effect: Glass windows 
For superior visual effect and gameplay experience, glass windows have been added to certain buildings in Erangel, Miramar and Livik. 
The windowpanes can be smashed from close range, and extra sound effects have also been added. 

Celebrate your chicken dinner by summoning the golden victory statue!

The MVP in the winning team can summon the golden victory statue at a designated location. 

You can use special celebration moves near the victory statue. 

There's also an added function of taking photos after victory. 

After winning in the classic mode, you can take photos of your victory. 

In the camera mode, you can also hide/show teammate information. 

After taking the photo, you can also share the photos. 

New Remaining Ammo Indicator 

Whenever a magazine is almost empty, the number indicating your remaining ammo will change color. 

When you have 25% ammo remaining, the number will turn yellow. 
When you have 10% ammo remaining, the number will turn red.  

Death Replay Improvements 

We've added the death replay data option. 

To tackle hackers the death replay option has been added. In this case part of the public information of the opponent can be viewed when this mode is activated. 

In the playback, a recap of the firefight is available. The scene where the player hits the opponent, and when the opponent hits the player is viewable in the playback. 

A report function has also been added to report any hackers or cheaters. 

The death replay can be turned on/off from the settings. 

Improvements: Team Member Engagement Status 

You're now able to view the status of engagement for your teammates. When a teammate is in a battle and takes damage, a notification will appear around the teammate's health bar to indicate that they are in a battle. 

Season screen updates 

Adjusted the information presentation on the Season screen. 

Added reward growth lines and friends' progress. 

Adjusted the way in which rewards are presented. 

Updated the reward details screen. 

Improvements : TDM-Mylta Power Map  

Players can now climb onto the roof of the fruit stand, the respawns near the mansion has also been improved. The mini-map has been optimized for better visual of various combat actions. 

Others: Clan PK

With the Clan PK mode, clans with similar activity points can now compete for up to 14 days. 

Clan members can accumulate PK points by completing clan PK missions and earn daily base rewards too. 

At the end of the event, the total number of base compensations earned by both Clan is aggregated and clan with more wins is the victor. 

Team wins and accumulates personal contributions can help players earn a lot of rewards. 


The Mini TV-Ray notifies you of important message alerts and announcements 

Other: RP Gifting Option 

New RP Perk - the ability to give respect in a match. Players can give respect to a teammate any time during a match, and the respect message will be displayed in the chat history. 

Basic Performance Improvements: 

Support for and improvements of IBL to provide more realistic lighting effects in maps and improve the distinction between textures. 

Support for light scattering in the sky, including Rayleigh scattering, Mie scattering, atmospheric fog, and other effects, to make the sky more transparent and realistic. 

Support for richer vegetation effects, dynamic clouds, realistic simulated cloud illumination effects, etc. 

Feature Improvements 

Universal Mark Improvements 

Slightly adjusted the direction of the wheel. The direction and style have been kept the same with the voice wheel. 

Battle UI Adjustments 

Adjusted the style of the bottom frame of some function buttons. Made minor adjustments to the default layout of Settings, Voice, Graffiti, and Emote buttons. 

Death Crate Display Logic Improvements 

When players pick up the Death Crate off another player in a match, after the crate's six-square grid and nine-square grid format have switched, this will be remembered so that it will not be necessary to switch them again. 

Improvements of setting

90 FPS is now available in Smooth graphics for some new devices. 


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